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Plates / Trays / Bowls /

Clamshell Containers 

Compostable Bagasse
Home Compostable within 60-90 days

PlasTechFree Bagasse products utilize a plant-based proprietary lining that is PFAS Free, a known carcinogen. 


Sugarcane fiber packaging is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging sources, as its ethically sourced and renewable.


Transforming sugarcane stalks into products will give them a new life as raw materials, by using the fibrous parts of  sugarcane stalks that are left over after extracting the juice. Using a non-edible byproduct of food production, this material is considered an extremely renewable resource.

Bagasse or sugarcane is fully compostable and decomposes much faster than paper products made from wood. Additionally, the pulping process of bagasse is less detrimental to the planet than the process of turning trees into paper. 

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