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Capacity: 200K/month


Safe Zone Disinfectant Powered by Dr. Joe’s Pro is a powerful, organic, effective, and safe solution that kills all known coronaviruses, bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. Developed with over 20 years of research and development, our product has evolved into a ready-to-use, non-toxic, non-corrosive, Organic registered, EPA approved disinfectant that can be used for almost every medical, commercial, industrial, and personal application. Safe Zone Disinfectant can be used in a fogger, mister, commercial sprayer, hand sprayer, or by hand. There is NO PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) required for those applying the product, so it is completely safe for adults, kids, and pets. As a Boeing certified product, it is non-corrosive, non bleaching and requires no finishing rinse or wipe. Our product, unlike many others, permeates through the cell membrane to kill viruses vs liquifying it which acts as the most efficient and effective viral, mold and bacteria killer. As a versatile organic product, it can be used as a commercial disinfectant or sanitizer, both on or around food contact surfaces and other soft porous surfaces depending on concentration. Simply spray on any surface and leave for 2 minutes until evaporated to kill all known viruses on contact.


Key Specifications/Certifications: EPA Registered, OMNI Organic Certified, Boeing Certified 


Origin: USA



  • <100k 100k +
    $19.00 18.00


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